Size Guide

To make sure when you order that you get the best fitting Peaky Blinders hat that you can, it pays to establish your correct head size. You can measure your head with the help of a friend, by placing a cloth tape measure around the widest part of your head above the ears, and approximately 2 cm above your eyebrows.

Once you have the size, round the measurement up to the next nearest centimetre. So if you measurement is 58.3 cm round up to 59 cm to ensure a comfortable fit.

See table for your best fit.

Head Measurement Hat Size Hat Size CM Hat Size Traditional
21 7/8 – 22 1/4 Medium 57cm 7 1/8
22 5/8 – 23 Large 59 cm 7 3/8
23 1/2 – 23 7/8 X-Large 61cm 7 5/8